A Dalmatian Song (not about dogs!)

Yes that’s right! This week’s song is called the Dalmatian Cradle Song, but to some people’s disappointment it is not about spotty dogs. It is in fact a song from the Dalmatian Coast of former Yugoslavia (modern Croatia). We’re truly branching out with songs from countries that don’t exist anymore.

We struggled a bit for inspiration this week, but during a spring clean Becca came across an old piece of sheet music from her singing exam days. She hadn’t sung it for over 15 years, but sat down at the piano and immediately loved it again (actually probably more than she did when she was a child). If it wasn’t Spice Girls or B*Witched 12 year old Becca didn’t want to know!

The tune for the song was noted from the singing of a peasant in Yugoslavia and the words were written by P.A Grand. That’s all we’ve really managed to find on the song, but it’s a lovely comforting lullaby, which we have thoroughly enjoyed learning. Becca even plucked up the courage to use her accordion. That’s still a work in progress, but we hope that you all enjoy the added layer to our performance.

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