A Sick Child’s Song

This week sees us travelling back over to America.  We’ve both been fans of Johnny Cash for many many years and have already done one song that he had recorded a version of (Wayfaring Stranger), but we weren’t satisfied with just one, and in fairness you can’t do a project involving American traditional music and not cross paths with Johnny Cash on more than one occasion! And here’s our second: this week we have decided to perform Ain’t No Grave.  Although the version we have done has more similarities with another brilliant version recorded by Crooked Still.

The song  was written by a man called Claude Ely, who claims he came up with the song while suffering from tuberculosis in 1934 aged 12; spontaneously performing the song in response to his family’s prayers for his health! Claude was a Pentecostal preacher and singer-songwriter from Virginia who’s congregation supposedly used to include a young Elvis Presley!

We’re not sure that the story of Claude spontaneously bursting into this song on his sick bed aged 12 is exactly true, but it’s a good story so why argue? We love this song and hope you all do as well 🙂

Also we got to perform it in a swing!!

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